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current affairs 04 aug 2019 and Amazon forest fire and its affects

  1. Virat kohli becomes India’s most successful test captain with total 27 wins from 48 matches leaving behind indian legends like Dhoni , Ganguly etc.
  2. Mithali Raj( women cricket player ) announces retirement from T-20 format of the game.
  3. Indian air force gets its new firepower, inducts eight Apache attack helicopters in its lethal archive.

All about the Amazon forest fire and its affects on the World

Amazon 60% of which is in Brazil is world’s largest rain-forests. It is considered biodiversity hot spot with many unique species of plants and animals.
The dense jungle absorbs huge amount of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas believed to be the biggest factor in climate change so preserving Amazon is vital to prevent global warming. Forest fire in all of the Brazil has hit the highest since 2013 and are up to 84 % this year. Fires in the Amazon are often set on the purpose clear land. After loggers extract wood, speculators burn the entire vegetation to clear it in hopes of selling the land to farmers and ranchers.
Scientists fear that the continued destruction of Amazon forest could push it toward a tipping point after which the region would enter a self-sustained cycle of forest die-back as it converts from rain-forests to Savannah.



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